Knothole Micro-Demo and New Website!


It's been awhile since my last post, but a lot has happened. Development really started ramping up a couple months ago when I heard SAGE 2021 is happening in August.

The two big things I've got for you all is:

1. I've released a micro-demo of Knothole that you can download here!

2. I've finally created a website for the game (! (More like a glorified linktree at this point, but still).

I've realized that there's actually a bunch of interesting game dev content that people have a hard time finding because it's all spread out or only shared in some deep historical post on discord. The website should provide a much needed central location for all things Sonic RPG! In the future I may move the blog over there and add more content, but for now it serves it's purpose.

Hopefully that will quench your thirst for a bit. :P


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