Concept Art (Episode 2 Spoilers)

 Concept Art (Episode 2 Spoilers)

(Concept art by Frostdrop1, Fleet & Sonic rivalry)

Given how much community concept art has gone into Sonic RPG, and the fact that this episode is finally debuting the Rebellion, it's inspired me to take a look back at where our OCs came from and who contributed to their look and feel!

The Rebellion, seen at the end of Episode 2, have been waiting quite awhile to get some screen time. The original concept of "The Rebellion" was a rough idea I had at the outset of the 2019 SAGE demo and then was much more fleshed out with the help of my story writing partner Jake shortly after that. All I had really figured out was Leon (pictured below).

(Concept art for "Leon" (Lion), leader of the Rebellion)

When Jake started developing who the Rebellion were in terms of personality, he also came up with concept art for Logan (Pig) and Fleet (Bird). Early community member RobertCo11 then did the concept art for Ivan (Jackal).

(Fleet by Jake)

(Ivan by RobertCo11)

(Logan by Jake)

After that, Frostdrop1 did some extra concept art that helped us imagine these characters interacting and helped me refine some stylistic details in Fleet and Logan.

(The Rebellion by Frostdrop1)

(Sonic racing Fleet)

Besides the Rebellion, JayFoxFire (a well-known artist in the community and creator of Sonic's Family Life) also did the concept art for B and R (the members of the Forgotten, featured mostly in Episode 1 but B gets a cameo in Episode 2; both are also going to play a larger role in future episodes).

(B, a red panda)

(B will foster more of a relationship with Sally over time)

(R was requested to look like a roboticized Ray by Jake)

(R in-game, from episode 1)

(B in-game, from episode 2)

(Forgotten from episode 1; J (Blue squirrel), P (Yellow dog), and T (Green bird) were basically designed and sprited from scratch by Plokman, a major contributor to sprite art)

(The Rebellion in-game, from episode 2)

All of this concept art was from around 2019 or early 2020. It's incredible looking back and seeing how far things have come (if a bit slower than we'd hoped). So proud and humbled to get to work on this project and have the help of so many great people to realize its potential!


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