Episode Shakeup!

 Episode Shakeup!

Adventures stress Rotor out

So, as you may have noticed, the website has been featuring some beautiful title art by Sea3on artist Flaxor advertising an upcoming two-parter episode, "The Fastest Thing Alive"...

Well, as much as I am pumped to work on those episodes, after a bit of reflection I have realized that those two episodes need to happen a wee bit later! The planned two-parter, not to spoil too much, has big story implications and those things were rubbing up against a very important story arc Jake and I have been planning for Rotor and Logan! I was initially trying to merge some of their respective highlights together, but I finally realized that things were getting too muddled and that Rotor and Logan just needed their time to shine without being overshadowed by Sonic.

So, there you have it! Finally, you will get to play as Rotor in this year's episode of Sonic RPG!

I won't reveal much more just yet about episode 4, but just letting you know why the website art and next episode title is about to change. The new art is by an awesome young artist, Ringmaster, who also did the cover art for Jake's upcoming book "The Complete History of Sonic SatAM"!


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